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There are some simple words that are also powerful words.  Words that if we let them embed deep in our lives can come to shape us profoundly.  Words that matter in life, words that flow from scripture: Growing, Faithful, Empowered, Honoring.  Over the next four weeks we will unpack these four words, words that challenge, words that remind, words that bless. 

May 5-6       Growing: One Step at a Time

                         1 Peter 2:1-10

May 12-13   Faithful: Doing the Next Right Thing                                                 

                         Matthew 25:14-30

May 19-20   Empowered: Living in Holy Spirit Power Today  

                        Acts 2:1-24, 37-42

May 26-27   Honoring: Remembering Others' Sacrifice  

                         Luke 14:7-11


During the season of Lent, we will meet some of the fascinating people that Jesus interacted with, people He healed, he helped, he called, he forgave.  People Jesus changed.  We will also meet some who resisted his invite, resisted his call.  We will meet them first to be reminded of the variety of people that Jesus longs to engage—people who you might work with, or know from the gym, or live next door to.  Jesus longs to be at work in their life.  And secondly, we will meet these people to remind us that we are like them—all people in need of Jesus' love and grace and transforming love in our life.

Feb 17-18   Zacchaeus: a Wealthy Outsider                                                 

                         Luke 19:1-10

Feb 24-25   Canaanite Woman: Bold and Brassy  

                         Matthew 15:21-28

Mar 3-4       Roman Officer: A Man with Authority  

                         Luke 7:1-10

Mar 10-11   Wealthy Young Guy: Turns Away  

                         Mark 10_17-31

Mar 17-18   Broken Woman  

                         Luke 7:36-50

Mar 24-25   PALM SUNDAY

                    Establishment People Resist  

                         Matthew 21:1-17

Apr 7-8        Jesus Changes Mary: Hope 

                         John 20:11-18

Apr 14-15    Jesus Changes the Walkers: Clarity  

                          Luke 24:13-35

Apr 21-22    Jesus Changes Peter: Foregiveness  

                         John 21:9-19


Too often, we make huge plans and major resolutions, and we get burned out when we can't keep them. In this series we will help people make small, manageable, incremental changes that really add up. When we guard our words, make our thoughts obedient to Christ, and cultivate new actions, we can see long term life change.   “It's so often the small things that no one sees that result in the big things that everyone wants.”

Jan 6-7          Thoughts          Romans 12:1-2

Jan 13-14      Words               James 3:3-6a

Jan 20-21      Habits              1 Corinthians 9:24-27