We invite you to be a part of what is coming at Light of Christ! For the complete listing go to our full calendar below. We value connecting people in authentic friendships, and that begins by stepping into the life of this community. Come and join in! 

Maundy Thursday

Worship on the Way to the Cross


As Jesus journeyed to the cross he engaged in the practice of worship with his closest friends, celebrating the Passover meal, remembering God’s promises in the past, trusting God for the future, and concluding with a hymn as they went out to the Garden.


For our Maundy Thursday worship, we will share in a virtual communion experience.  We invite you to have some bread or crackers on a plate, along with a glass (or glasses) of wine and/or grape juice.  Lay them out on a table in front of you, along with maybe a candle, to have a home altar from which we will share Communion together.  Then, join our Facebook Live watch experience on Maundy Thursday at 7pm, and we will commune together in our homes.

Good Friday

Seven Last Words from the Cross

April 10 • 7PM


Join us for Good Friday worship at 7pm, on the LOC app, website, or Facebook page.  If you would like, we invite you to have seven candles lit on a table in front of you as we walk through Jesus’ 7 last words from the cross. This will be a powerful time of worship together.  You are also invited to take the nail that you got with your Palm branches, or a nail that you would have at home, and have it in your hand throughout the service.

Easter Sunday
The Challenge at the Tomb

April 12 • 9 & 10:30AM


Join us for a worship celebration where we share the good news of Easter. With joyous music, a message of hope, and a special word just for children, along with some creative elements we will celebrate the miracle of the Resurrection and its impact for our lives today. Jesus’ followers worshipped, grew spiritually, served, were generous, shared their faith, built their lives on Jesus’ practices. After Jesus died, Mary went to his tomb, saw it was empty and ran and told the disciples who ran home. They ran to the tomb, saw it was empty and returned home. But Jesus made himself known to Mary, her hope was renewed, and the challenge was given to continue the faith practice of sharing the good news. The challenge at the tomb is for each of us – how do we continue the faith practices to have a healthy spiritual life and impact not only our own lives, but our community, our world, for Jesus’ sake.

Calendar of Events

There is always a lot going on at the church! Make sure you check the calendar for all the dates and times. We are sure you will find someplace you can get connected! If you have any questions about the events feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!