Welcome to our media page! Whether you are just visiting Light of Christ or have been a long term member, we provide these video messages to help you connect with God's powerful, life-changing word.  We pray that the Holy Spirit can work through them to bless your life.  



We will be using clips from the three Toy story movies (and allusions from the 4th) to find God’s good news for us today.


JULY 6 & 7            Overcoming Insecurities
                                Week 1


JULY 13 & 14        Whose Name Is Inscribed On You

                                Week 2


JULY 20 & 21        Storyline (Youth Mission Trip)

                                Week 3


JULY 27 & 28        Be The Peace
                                Week 4


AUGUST 3 & 4      The Enduring Power of Love
                                Week 5


AUGUST 10 & 11  The Big Questions of Life
                                Week 6


Roar: Life is Wild, God is Good!

As our leaders and kids are getting ready for VBS at the end of June, we will join them in the theme of, “ROAR: Life is Wild, God is Good!” We will choose five passages from the Bible that talk about lions and let God speak to us through them.

Divine Direction

How do we find direction? How do we make good decisions? How does God guide me onto the right paths? Let’s let scripture guide us to divine direction.

Palm Sunday / Easter

In the Easter good news we hear Jesus call our name, we hear His hope for us and for our world. Who’s walking with you in the journey of life?