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While we have seen the danger of over-flowing rivers this fall, the word overflow is often a positive in scripture.  In Psalm 23, “my cup overflows” is a sign of God’s abundance.  In Psalm 65, “The wagon track overflows with richness”.  God’s blessings aren’t just bottom of the barrel scrape by—they overflow in our lives.  And if we don’t pause to acknowledge that, we miss it.  And God promises an on-going overflow when we acknowledge it (Mal. 3).  In the New Testament Paul loves this word as well, and he uses it twice when calling the people of Corinth to generosity.  “abundant joy and extreme poverty overflowed in generosity”…that isn’t an equation that makes sense to us, but in God’s economy it does.  And in 2 Cor. 9, our generosity “overflows in thanksgiving to God.”  Overflow signifies the abundance of God’s blessing in our lives and reminds us to let that lead us to overflow in our response to God.

Nov 10-11    God's Overflow, Our Response

                         Psalm 23 (Malachi 3:8-12)

Nov 17-18    Abundant Blessing, Overflowing Thanks

                         2 Corinthians 9:6-15


Since the beginning of our story with God, He has demonstrated His deep love for us through His blessings. In turn we become a blessing to others. BLESS focuses on five missional practices we can engage to naturally introduce people to Jesus Christ.

Sep 29-30   Begin with Prayer

                     Acts 1:6-14

Oct 6-7       Listen with Care

                     Acts 10:1-43

Oct 13-14  Eat Together

                     Matthew 9:9-13

Oct 20-21  Serve in Love

                    John 13:1-17

Oct 27-28  Share Your Story

                    1 John 1:1-4


We live in a fast paced world that pulls us in many directions at the same time.  Two things can be challenging to find—real community and real contentment.  Our technology saturated world can help us and hurt us as we seek real versions of each of these.  Scripture has guidance for us as we seek the real from the fake, the meaningful from the trivial. 

Sept 8-9       Not Photo-shopped Relationships, but Real Community

                      Colossians 3:12-17

Sept 15-16  Not Microwaved Connections but Real Community

                     1 Samuel 20:1-3,11-17

Sept 22-23  Not a Perfect Life but Real Contentment

                     1 Timothy 6:6-12





There is no better way to grow as a Christian than to engage with the Bible.  Every study has shown that real spiritual growth comes when we plant ourselves in God’s Word—it is rich soil for growth.  So we will continue this summer to memorize these key 14 wonderful scriptures, and unpack them together using other parts of the Bible to make them more real.  Let’s keep growing!

July 7-8         Trusting in God's Call

Isaiah 6:1-8; Proverbs 3:5-6

July 14-15     Open to Transformation

Philippians  1:3-11; Romans 12:2     

July 21-22     Focusing on the Good Stuff

Psalm 96; Philippians 4:8    

July 28-29     Leaning into Jesus' Strength

Isaiah 40:27-31; Philippians 4:13

August 4-5    Walking the Walk

Matthew 25:31-46; Micah 6:8  

Aug 11-12     Rekindle the Gift 

2 Timothy 1:3-14

Aug 18-19     It's All About Love

John 13:31-35;  Ephesians 4:32

Aug 25-26     Ready to Share

Acts 18:1-11; Peter 3:15

Sept 1-2        Living into God's Plan

Psalm 139:13-18;   Jeremiah 29:11