Welcome to our media page! Whether you are just visiting Light of Christ or have been a long term member, we provide these video messages to help you connect with God's powerful, life-changing word.  We pray that the Holy Spirit can work through them to bless your life.


Rejoice in Hope

We haven’t done as much rejoicing as we would have liked in the past year. It's been filled with moments of it, but those moments woven through a lot of frustration, confusion, fear and disappointment. This Advent we need to reclaim Biblical hope. It isn’t just fun and pretty, but it is gritty and world-changing, life-changing. And it does bring joy. Together, we will engage these Advent scriptures with a lens to pulling out the gritty biblical hope they point us towards. “Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble and keep on praying.” Romans 12:12

NOV 27/28     Hope Waits

DEC 4/5         Hope Challenges

DEC 11/12     Hope Inspires (10:30 AM) Children's Choir Musical (5 PM & 9 AM)

DEC 18/19     Hope Inspires Change

DEC 23/24     Hope Has Come

DEC 25          Surprising Hope



Thanksgiving Eve: Thankful in all Circumstances

Our Thanksgiving Eve Service allows us a chance to give thanks to God in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. 100% of our offering at this service goes to support Lutheran World Relief’s amazing efforts in development work in 60 countries around the world. Whether you are worshipping with us in-person or online, you may submit your offering to LWR directly HERE, or make an offering through LOC’s giving portal and we will forward 100% to this important work. Then, we invite you to join us for our Annual Pie Fest, immediately following worship, in the Gathering Space in the Welcome Center. Bring a pie to share, and enjoy delicious pie with others!

Opening Doors

Jesus never told his followers to change people.  He told them to love others.  He told them to engage others.  He called on them to go to others and share the Good news.  Too often in the past the church has erred on one side or another.  They have either ignored the call to go and share.  Or they have dramatically misheard it and tried to go and force.  Neither is what Jesus said.  It is really about Opening the Doors for conversation with others and being ready to walk through the doors that the Holy Spirit opens for us.  So we are going to study, to learn, to practice and experience over these next weeks together.

Worship in our Everyday Lives

Join us as Dr. Josh Jones, Light of Christ's Director of Music and Worship, helps us to explore Romans 12:1-2 and what it means to "Worship in our Everyday Lives". 

Promises:  The Help and Healing of God

Recognizing that we are still coming out of a long season that has been hard on us all—and that we aren’t fully out of it--we want to take four weeks to reflect on God’s promises of healing and help in our lives. We aren’t in this alone—God is here, God is real, God is powerful, God cares. And scripture reminds us of this in powerful and practical ways.  Let’s lean into scripture and let's lean into our Savior for his helping and healing touch.

SEPT 11/12      Comfort in our Losses
SEPT 18/19      Direction in our Questions
SEPT 25/26      Strength in our Struggles

OCT  2/3          Hope for our Futures

Better Together

In this series we will claim the biblical truth that Covid reminded us of—we are better together. It has been a hard last 18 months, and we want to remember and claim some of the variety of ways why God created us for community. And not just community in our families, but the community of faith we have in Jesus. Churches aren’t perfect communities, but Jesus band of 12 weren’t perfect either. But we need each other and as we start this fall, we wanted to reclaim those truths for our lives.

Women Who Changed God's World

In this series we will look at five women in scripture who’s lives and actions were shaped by God’s calling and God’s guidance.  And their lives impacted all who followed.  Since so many of the men get highlighted in scripture, we want to take a few weeks to celebrate those women who equally shaped God’s work in the world.

JULY 17/18         Esther: For Such a Time as This

JULY 25/26         Hannah: Faithful and Blessed

JULY 31/AUG     Mary: Apostle to the Apostles

AUG 7/8              Priscilla & Aquilla: Team Ministry


Led by the 2021 Light of Christ Youth Mission Trip Team

JULY 10/11     Neighbors

One Nation, Under God

Overlooked: Crazy Stories From The Bible

In this series we will pause at look at some overlooked, crazy stories from scripture and see if God can even speak to us through them.  They are messy, unsettling, and even a little inappropriate.  Oh well—let’s let God speak even from this part of His word.

Miracles of Grace

The most central truth that Christianity has to bring to the world is simply this: We worship a God of grace, who invites us to live in and by grace.  What is grace?  A surprising, undeserved gift of love. Jesus whole life—his teaching, his healing, his sacrificial death—was all an act of grace.  And the only anger and frustration Jesus expressed was when people were not extending others the grace that they received.  Let’s take some weeks to reflect on and marvel God’s miracles of grace…and how they call us to live lives that extend miracles of grace to others.

APR. 3/4        Easter: Jesus Alive!

APR. 10/11    Grace: For Everyone!

APR. 17/18    Grace: Amazing Patience!

APR. 24/25    Grace: Freedom!

MAY 1            Give Them Grace-Confirmation!

MAY 2            Give Them Grace

MAY 8/9         Living Gracefully

Lenten Series: Misunderstanding Jesus

One of the things that happens again and again in the Gospel is that people misunderstand Jesus. They misunderstand him and then try to set him straight…or just reject him. They expect him to be one way and He breaks their mold. So they reject Him.  For all Jesus popularity, for all that people were drawn to him, many also walked away, stormed away, as they just couldn’t get their arms around who He was and what He was doing. We can fall in some of those same traps today. As we journey into Lent, let’s make sure we don’t misunderstand Jesus.

FEB. 27/28     Wrong People

MAR. 6/7        Too Familiar

MAR. 13/14    Tradition!

MAR. 20/21    Success, Not Suffering

MAR. 27/28    Expectations (Palm Sunday)

APR. 1        Maundy Thursday

APR. 2        Good Friday

NEXT: From Here to There

In this series, based on a series done by Seacoast church in 2013, we will be looking at the question of where are we right now—where is here?—and seek to discern God’s leading for what is next.  Next for us as individuals, and next for us as a church.

JAN. 24       Moving Ahead with Courage

JAN. 31       Community

FEB. 6/7      Perseverance

FEB. 13/14  Faith

FEB. 17       Ash Wednesday

FEB. 20/21 God's Dream or My Dream

Strength to Love

To truly love another takes strength. This is why God instructed His children to be tough-minded yet soft-hearted. Before Jesus sent out his followers, he instructed them to be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves, using God’s Spirit and reason to sort out truth from fiction rather than to be soft-minded. MLK expressed how often he saw softminded Christians allowing evil to gain power in their lives. Martin Luther King Jr. was a beautiful example of a man who chose to live out this mandate of loving others, even his enemies. Like Jesus, MLK chose to practice love and compassion. Just like Christ, he encapsulated these opposing forces from the world yet held within himself the qualities of both the serpent and dove. Preaching that people should forgive and love others. As the church, we have a responsibility to not conform to this world but rather to live out the radical love of Christ in every facet of our lives, regardless of the cost.

JAN. 17  Strength to Love

Forward In Faith: Look at What God Has Done!

We have not had an opportunity to “dedicate” our new Church/Ministry Center yet, but we want to celebrate the culmination of our Forward in Faith journey.  So I have chosen the scripture where Solomon prayed at the dedication of the first temple in Jerusalem.  His prayer reminds the people of a number of things: 1) this was God’s work, 2) this is a place of forgiveness, 3) this is a place of practical ministry.  And as He acknowledges by inviting them to pray “towards the temple” that it isn’t just a place for these works of God to happen, this is a symbol of God’s presence.  Even though we can’t use our space quite yet, it will serve all of these functions and more and even right now it serves as a symbol of God’s faithfulness among us.

Jesus For The World (Epiphany)

For most of us, as soon as Christmas is over, we pack up the decorations, put the tree on the curb and get on to other things. But the 12 days of Christmas follow the 25th of December, culminating on January 6th, Epiphany. This is when we remember that the light of Jesus wasn’t just for His family, His people, but for the world - because the world showed up on his doorstep in the shape of wise men from the east. These men weren’t of Jesus' ethnicity, His background, or even of His native language. But in Jesus, they knew that they had found the answer to their dreams and their hopes. Jesus didn’t just come for my culture, my ethnic group, He is for the world.

2020 Sermons

You're A Mean One, 2020:

Finding Hope & Peace This Christmas

In this series we will look at some classic Advent/Christmas passages to help guide us how to find hope and peace in this season. Many are hurting as the long-term challenges of Covid restrictions have truly come to wear on people. People are longing for peace and hope and we want to try and point them to the true source of both of those.

Christmas Worship

Join us for these moving online worship experiences. Christmas Eve will include classic carols, contemporary Christmas music, children speaking and singing, and of course Communion and Candle-lighting. Join us at 3 or 10 to share in the experience communally online through Facebook and, or you can view on demand anytime after 3pm. Our Christmas Day service will be filmed outdoor with animals, remembering the first Christmas, and sharing a glimpse of our annual Christmas Day in a Barn service that will happen again next year. Join us online for carols and a simple Christmas message on Christmas morning. (Available on demand after that, as well). Our Christmas Eve offering will go entirely to the ELCA World Hunger Relief Fund. 

DEC. 24  Christmas Eve

DEC. 25  Christmas Day

Blue Christmas

This has been a hard year for many and with the Christmas season upon us, you may be feeling a sense of loss, alone, or down. Join us on this special evening of worship as we will speak into that reality and bring a word of hope. We will offer two services this year on December 15 at 6 and 7:30, for in person gatherings of up to 25 people. We will also stream the services so anyone can be a part. This is a quiet, meditative service with candles, soft music, words of hope and comfort. This could be a blessing to family, friends, co-workers or neighbors—invite them. It is an evening to help us move from feeling blue to experiencing the true hope of Christmas.

DEC. 15  Blue Christmas

Thanksgiving Eve Worship

Our Thanksgiving Eve Online Service allows us a chance to give thanks to God in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. Join us! 100% of our offering at this service goes to support the work of the ELCA World Hunger efforts, supporting efforts in the US and in 60 countries around the world to provide food and development to people in need.You may submit your offering to the ELCA directly HERE, or send a check to LOC and we will send the funds on your behalf.

Meant to Be

As we launch into our new space it is important to reflect what it is to be the Church. A church is not a building, no matter how beautiful and powerful this space is. A church is not a club, where there are secret handshakes and mysterious jargon. No the church is a community gathered around Jesus, following Him. A Church is a community with a calling. This is who we were meant to be. In these three weeks we will celebrate again what that calling is.

Almost There

We will be worshiping outside of the doors of our new space. We are so ready to be inside, to use this new space.  But we aren’t quite ready. But we can almost taste what it will be like. Our mouths are watering for what is next. But in this short pause before we enter our promised land, let’s turn to scripture to hear again the truths and the promises that will need to guide us in this new place, in this next chapter. I can almost taste it…but hold on just a little longer.

OCT. 18:  On the Threshold

OCT. 25:  New Wineskins

NOV. 1:  Both / And

Forward in Faith: Abraham and Today

In this series we will look back at the life of Abraham as we moved forward by Faith. But we will also be looking at how God has led us to this point by walking in faith. And this series will also challenge us to keep walking by faith, not fully knowing the next steps, but trusting the God who calls and leads us. This will be the worship culmination and celebration of the journey God has taken us individually on and Light of Christ on as a church.

SEPT. 13:  Following

SEPT. 20:  Trusting

SEPT. 27:  Prioritizing

OCT. 4:  Questioning

OCT. 11:  Surrendering

Surprising Jesus

This is a series where we will look at some of the surprising things Jesus said and did.  This is a series to get a little shocked, a little surprised and stunned—did He really mean that?!  We have a surprising Savior who is still doing surprising things among us …if we are open.  Let us be open to meeting our surprising Savior afresh this month!

RELATE•ABLE: The Enneagram

The origins of this tool are still in debate, but from Roman Catholic retreats to Evangelical millennial small groups, the Enneagram is a tool that can help us to not only understand ourselves better, but to relate to God, to ourselves and to others in healthier ways. Over the next 9 weeks we will be looking at these 9 personality types and Biblical characters that embody them. We will admire the thumbprint of God in each perspective/outlook and celebrate that. But we will also look at the shadow side of our types and how the Holy Spirit wants to speak into that for healing. We will also look at how do we best interact with these individuals in our lives, encouraging them, loving them and helping them to be their best.

Stopping...For A Miracle

In response to the current state of civil turmoil in our country, the sermon for this week is based on Matthew 20:29-34, where Jesus stopped to listen to the two on the side of the road, when the crowd wanted to push on.

On Mission

We have all had our lives upended in the past two months, but it has also brought us new insight. One of the things that it has reminded us of – the church is, in the end, truly not a building. The Church, and Light of Christ, is a community of people gathered around a mission. This season has stripped away some things and forced us to see something more clearly. We are the church. We are a community gathered around Jesus and sent on a mission. That is what the church always has been and always will be. May this season drive that home more clearly. Are we living “on mission”?

Resurrection Hope

We often have different hopes and dreams for our lives. That can be fine, that can be good. But we get in trouble if we are creating those hopes and plans outside of our connection to Jesus. Because we can start putting our hopes in things that we never should. Actually, sometimes our hopes have to be crushed because we were focused on the wrong things, or focused on them in the wrong way. To find hope that can stand the test of time, we need to hope in the things that last and that are in line with God’s plans. Our final hope can’t be in things that don’t last eternally or they will inevitably disappoint us. The men on the walk to Emmaus were hoping in Jesus, but hoping in him in the wrong way. That had to get redirected, clarified.

Holy Week: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Sunday

Jesus’ followers worshipped, grew spiritually, served, were generous, shared their faith, built their lives on Jesus’ practices. After Jesus died, Mary went to his tomb, saw it was empty and ran and told the disciples who ran home. They ran to the tomb, saw it was empty and returned home. But Jesus made himself known to Mary, her hope was renewed, and the challenge was given to continue the faith practice of sharing the good news. The challenge at the tomb is for each of us – how do we continue the faith practices to have a healthy spiritual life and impact not only our own lives, but our community, our world, for Jesus’ sake.

The Walk: Essential Practices of the Christian Life

What does it mean to be deeply committed Christians, growing in faith every day? How do we become fully engaged and flourishing in the Christian life? Lent has historically been a season for deepening faith and for taking on new spiritual practices. In this series, we explore a model for Christian discipleship built around essential practices that we engage in both collectively and individually in order to more fully follow Jesus.

PG-13: Scripture and Sexuality

One of the most turbulent changing areas in modern society revolves around questions of sexuality. Marriage, divorce, Co-habitation, same-sex relationships, transgender, gender fluid. As Christians so much is swirling around us and we wonder, does the Bible have anything to say on this? Using the tools we worked on in January we will address a small portion of these questions and issues, seeking to listen for God’s leading as we address the questions and more importantly, the people God puts in our path.

Vision 2020

In this message I will lay out the two key things Jesus is calling us to individually this year: Invitation and Serving. We are constructing this new building not for ourselves, but for our neighbors. “I love you all, but I wouldn’t work as hard as I have if it was just for you, I believe Jesus will use this new space to draw new people to Himself. People need Jesus.” And if we are going to use this new space and technology to its capacity, we will need all hands on deck. We will need more in FL, more greeters, more in technology.

JAN. 25 & 26:  Vision 2020

Word of God Speak

We say the Bible is God’s Word. We say that it is “Inspired”. We believe that it is foundational for our Christian faith and is God’s primary means to speak to us and guide us today. But how do we hear God speak from the Bible when there are so many confusing parts? So many disturbing parts? So many seemingly contradictory parts? Does everyone just get to pick and choose their favorite parts and ignore the rest? Over the next three weeks we will look at three key tools and strategies that we as individuals and the church can use to hear God speak to our circumstances today.

2019 Sermons


As we approach Christmas, we will glimpse the key moments of God’s surprising intervention in our world, and discover ways God wants to speak to us today through those moments.

NOV. 30 & DEC. 1:  Strange and Perplexing

DEC. 7 & 8:  Good to Great

DEC. 14 & 15:  Leaping for Joy

DEC. 21 & 22:  What Will This Child Become?

DEC. 24:  The Forever Gift

DEC. 29:  A Name Is Given


There is a consequence for letting our hearts be hardened. Life can do that, but Jesus warns us against letting that happen. Stay responsive to the people, circumstances and realities around us. It matters now and it matters in the end.


We remember our roots and seek to live out the unfinished work of God’s reform movement within the Christian Church.

NOV. 9 & 10:  Part One

NOV. 16 & 17:  Part Two


We remember our roots and seek to live out the unfinished work of God’s reform movement within the Christian Church.


We will engage one of the deep struggles of this era—anxiousness. It affects all ages. Building off of Paul’s powerful words in Philippians 4, we will seek God’s leading and power for moving beyond our anxiousness into Christ’s deep, deep peace.

SEPT. 28 & 29:  When You've Had Enough

OCT. 5 & 6:  Praying Through Pain

OCT. 12 & 13:  The Perspective of Praise

OCT. 19 & 20:  When You Just Can't Decide


Jesus calls us to love people. But that’s not always easy. People frustrate, disappoint, & confuse us. How can we love people we dislike? Over 3 weekends we will look at 3 powerful strategies for seeing people the way that Jesus did.

SEPT. 7 & 8:  Blessed and Broken (video unavailable)

SEPT. 14 & 15:  Precious and Wounded

SEPT. 21 & 22:  Amazing Potential and Real Limitations


We will look at some of the powerful passages in 1 John and hear John point us to the basics of faith and a walk with Jesus

AUG. 17 & 18:  Honesty

AUG. 24 & 25:  Obedience

AUG. 31 & SEPT. 1:  Love


We will be using clips from the three Toy story movies (and allusions from the 4th) to find God’s good news for us today.


As our leaders and kids are getting ready for VBS at the end of June, we will join them in the theme of, “ROAR: Life is Wild, God is Good!” We will choose five passages from the Bible that talk about lions and let God speak to us through them.

JUNE 1 & 2:  Excuses, Excuses

JUNE 8 & 9:  A Vision of Peace

JUNE 15 & 16:  God Is Our Lion

JUNE 22 & 23:  It's A Jungle Out There!

JUNE 29 & 30:  Daniel In the Lion's Den


How do we find direction? How do we make good decisions? How does God guide me onto the right paths? Let’s let scripture guide us to divine direction.

MAY 4 & 5:  Power To Become

MAY 11 & 12:  Wisdom To Discern

MAY 18 & 19:  Learning To Listen

MAY 25 & 26:  Start Fresh


In the Easter good news we hear Jesus call our name, we hear His hope for us and for our world. Who’s walking with you in the journey of life?


He was not rich or educated, but was familiar with hard work. He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world. He left everything to follow his teacher, yet struggled with doubt and fear. Join us in this six-week Lenten journey, and take an in-depth dive into the life, faith, and character of Simon Peter.


We all have questions about God, faith, and purpose; Explore God is a series that welcomes everyone to come together and look at these questions in an open, authentic way.

2018 Sermons


The Path to Peace.  In this crazy wonderful Christmas season it is so easy for us to get lost in all of the to-do’s. Lost in all of the craziness.  Worship is a time re-ground ourselves in what this season is all about—the coming of the Prince of Peace.  Over our extended Advent journey we will experience 5 “P” words that will ready us for Jesus coming as Prince of Peace.  Join us for the real journey to peace, the real journey to Christmas, the real journey to Jesus birth.

Dec 1-2      Ponder

                       Luke 1:26-38

Dec 8-9       Prepare
                       Luke 3:1-17

Dec 15-16   Promise

                       Luke1:46-55; 67-79

Dec 22-23   Patience
                       Isaiah 40:1-5, 27-31

Dec 24         Peace


While we have seen the danger of over-flowing rivers this fall, the word overflow is often a positive in scripture.  In Psalm 23, “my cup overflows” is a sign of God’s abundance.  In Psalm 65, “The wagon track overflows with richness”.  God’s blessings aren’t just bottom of the barrel scrape by—they overflow in our lives.  And if we don’t pause to acknowledge that, we miss it.  And God promises an on-going overflow when we acknowledge it (Mal. 3).  In the New Testament Paul loves this word as well, and he uses it twice when calling the people of Corinth to generosity.  “abundant joy and extreme poverty overflowed in generosity”…that isn’t an equation that makes sense to us, but in God’s economy it does.  And in 2 Cor. 9, our generosity “overflows in thanksgiving to God.”  Overflow signifies the abundance of God’s blessing in our lives and reminds us to let that lead us to overflow in our response to God.

Nov 10-11    God's Overflow, Our Response

                         Psalm 23 (Malachi 3:8-12)

Nov 17-18    Abundant Blessing, Overflowing Thanks

                         2 Corinthians 9:6-15


Since the beginning of our story with God, He has demonstrated His deep love for us through His blessings. In turn we become a blessing to others. BLESS focuses on five missional practices we can engage to naturally introduce people to Jesus Christ.

Sep 29-30   Begin with Prayer

                     Acts 1:6-14

Oct 6-7       Listen with Care

                     Acts 10:1-43

Oct 13-14  Eat Together

                     Matthew 9:9-13

Oct 20-21  Serve in Love

                    John 13:1-17

Oct 27-28  Share Your Story

                    1 John 1:1-4


We live in a fast paced world that pulls us in many directions at the same time.  Two things can be challenging to find—real community and real contentment.  Our technology saturated world can help us and hurt us as we seek real versions of each of these.  Scripture has guidance for us as we seek the real from the fake, the meaningful from the trivial. 

Sept 8-9       Not Photo-shopped Relationships, but Real Community

                      Colossians 3:12-17

Sept 15-16  Not Microwaved Connections but Real Community

                     1 Samuel 20:1-3,11-17

Sept 22-23  Not a Perfect Life but Real Contentment

                     1 Timothy 6:6-12